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Company is a multi-platform general entertainment network bringing previously unseen, curated international programming to U.S. audiences. Offered on 24/7 ad-supported live network and video-on-demand, Company is a compelling mix of entertaining, often award-winning, globally produced programming. We reach millions households and climbing through our website, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, FilmOn, a growing number of OTT platforms numerous smart TV’s, mobile devices through our iOS and Android apps, and numerous traditional cable and broadcast stations. we continue to expand onto new distribution platforms at an exciting pace.

As a general audience network, Company’s programming strategy focuses on diversity of content: offering drama, comedy, lifestyle, sports and movies primarily from English speaking countries. 900+ hours in close to 60 titles of programming have been acquired, converted and edited for US distribution. Additional content acquisitions are in process.

Company’s infrastructure is in place. Programming, sales and distribution, production, and social/digital media efforts are operational, providing viewers with a quality network that is equivalent to any networks you would watch, anywhere, any time.

Technology developments are significantly changing the way that Americans consume television and media, allowing consumers to watch TV on laptops and hand-held devices, virtually anywhere, at any time. While traditional cable and network television continue to be the largest providers of network television, consumers of all age brackets and demographics have added streaming services to their viewing options. The “over-the-top” (OTT) market is audio, video, and other media content delivered over the internet, and specifically not through a cable company.

This includes networks such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and many other internet-based networks. Traditional networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox, along with cable networks such as HBO and Showtime, now offer their network on both traditional cable and through their OTT apps. Viewing through internet-based sources include apps that allow consumers to watch a network on a laptop, tablet or smart-phone; devices such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV, and Smart TV’s that aggregate multiple OTT networks; OTT-based portals such as Sling TV, and through dedicated websites.

The offering and revenue model to the consumer varies for each of these portals, but generally rely on a mix of advertising and subscription fees. The Company has invested in each of these technologies in order to be viewed anytime, anywhere, on any device. In addition to being available on certain cable and network television stations, the 24/7 live stream is available on the Company’s website (which can be accessed on a laptop or through the Company’s iOS and Android apps, which in turn allows viewing from tablets and smart phones) and through Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and certain Smart TV devices, as well as through Sling TV, FilmOn, Yip TV, and other internet based portals. The Company continues to expand its distribution and competes for viewers against the major networks as well as a large number of smaller, often genre specific networks, or networks that of

Growth & Expansion:

The Company has built the foundation necessary for business success. A fully operational and dynamic infrastructure. Impressive audience reach with high-profile distribution partnerships. Aggressive consumer marketing. Advertising and subscriber revenue streams that are already generating income. This is an incredible opportunity to own or invest in a growing national multi-platform media company and be part of a network that is bringing high quality, rarely-seen programming to American audiences everywhere!



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DMC Contact Center Platform was designed from the ground up to support every step in the virtual business center life cycle. As a result,business solutions can rapidly scale technology and agent capacity when call volumes peak, and safely decrease capacity during off-peak hours. With the on-demand, pay-per-minute model, you’ll never have to pay for idle infrastructure.

The community of highly skilled, independent home agents provides unmatched customer service and can be mobilized quickly to handle our client/customer calls. And because we manage the largest virtual call center in the world, we provide the best practices and strategic account management to help you achieve success with our virtual call center.

Our on-demand technology and independent home agent solutions, can be purchased together or independently giving us greater flexibility, quality, and scalability than traditional, on-premise Business solutions technology.


DMC multichannel shopping and marketing services, successfully managed an unprecedented growth in online consumer traffic.

 Agency offers a complete suite of solutions connecting advertisers and consumers online and in-store. The company’s consumer Web site,  provides users with choice and control in their shopping experience by offering the most comprehensive selection of timely online and in-store offers on one easy-to-use site.

We have a suite of services that help retailers such as "Ma and Pa store fronts to take advantage of the internet to drive in-store sales.  

Designing Media Communications can support strong demand for its services and seasonal shopping peaks and is delivering new offeings to help even the smaller retailers into larger retailers in business.  

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