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Designing Media Communications strategy and business consulting company. We have a background in innovation, strategy, change management and sales improvement. And like in many businesses, also for consultancy we firmly believe that today’s challenges demand a different solution.

We firmly believe that in order to get different and better results, organizations need to act differently as well. In today’s rapidly changing world, the old ways are not appropriate anymore. A simple statistic on the failure of projects shows that it is time to act different! Something that leads to different, better results. 

DMC Marketing is an integrated corporate relations consulting agency.  We provide a holistic approach to capturing a consumer’s attention. Our mission is to: strengthen the vision of our partners so that they can clearly see their potential up close and around the globe.

Our services include: Digital Marketing & Optimization, Media Planning and Placement, Audio/Visual Production and Cinematography, Lead Generation, Project Management, Web/Mobile/Graphic Design, Public Relations, Event Planning and Talent Integration.

Companies all over the world squander millions of dollars per year in marketing campaigns trying to hit a bulls-eye in positioning their products and services. This happens because of inefficiencies in key areas of strategic planning and implementation.

There is an undeniable synergy that exists when creativity, analysis, and strategy collide. At DMC Marketing Company. We implement a holistic multimedia approach to ensure proper attention is given to every area of our engagement.

A different approach different result

In our opinion it is the people in your own organization and the collective knowledge that are the secret to your success. They know what customers expect and have an in-depth understanding of your organization and the market in which it operates. Therefore, we have developed an entirely new approach to help you design solutions around your challenges, but also get answers to your questions. And we help you communicate that as well. We believe that co-creating solutions with your organization leads to better engagement and much better results.

Visual Thinking understanding and results

Our mission is to add value to your organization instantly. We therefore keep our engagements short, to the point, and valuable.

For this reason, we use our visual thinking methodology which helps to tackle the root causes for the failure of most projects and changes. Visual thinking enables us to create simple, straightforward and easy to understand solutions in complex environments and for complex tasks, such as strategy design, change management, sales improvement and communications.

session based approach

We deliver results through running refreshing, energizing workshops with you and your team, using a set of visual tools. This helps you to create a common understanding and a clear vision of the future, design your (future) business model and operation, and define the steps to achieve it. We support this by bringing specific expertise to the table on topics such as change, strategy, organization design, process design, sales improvement and communication. Our real time visualization makes complex matters simple and easy to understand and work with.

Corporate Consulting and Training Services

We believe that your company’s culture, past efforts, and current attitudes shape the organizational needs and inform our recommended solutions. Therefore we begin every client relationship by applying our four-‐point signature approach to build lasting and sustainable change.

Consulting Services

We start our consulting process by gaining an in-depth understanding of your organization to select and create the right sustainable solutions. Together we do the work to build a more inclusive, higher functioning organization.

We begin by conducting a workforce analysis so that data informs where diversity is present or needed. Reviewing the systems and process of recruitment, development, and promotion system helps us gain a comprehensive understanding of how to increase inclusion from a systems approach. 

Strategic Planning and Implementation

A one, three, or five-‐year plan is essential to moving your organization’s success forward. Our team can work with any combination of leaders to develop a vision, mission, and values, identify goals, clarify roles, identify responsibilities, develop an implementation plan, and crafting a strategic plan for any level of the company or in the department. Through a combination of strategic planning work sessions and follow-‐up coaching, we work with you to ensure that the plan is implemented for success.

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Corporate Partners Network is growing rapidly. DMC is looking for talented individuals to join our organization in multiple functions. If you or someone you know is interested in joining our team, please view our current openings...

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